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Two new employees Kate and Sarah are called into manager Neil’s office for breaching company’s dress code policy in the first day at work. Neil gives girls a manual and asks them both to read it loud so they could remember the rules. But to his amusement the girls start to read between the lines where it says that they should give him a Pure Cfnm handjob. Surprised by this turn of events Neil doesn’t hesitate to take an advantage of it as he takes his clothes off and let the girls to perform their duties. The three soon get walked on by a supervisor Emma…

Pure Cfnm Video Clip

Pure Cfnm Male Anatomy Movie

Stacey is teaching class in male anatomy when she gets called away to Pure Cfnm Superior’s office. The naughty schoolgirls are left by themselves to study diagrams of male penises when Jody appears with a package of frogs for biology class which they will have later. The girls have an idea of their own, though. They pull him into the middle of the room and start to undo his clothes asking if they can see his penis?

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Male Anatomy

Jody tries to stop five naughty girls, but they soon strip him off and giggle at the sight of his cock. All five decide to take turns in jerking him off while Tammi is curious to see what will happen when she reveal her beautiful breasts. The answer comes soon enough as cums Jody all over the desk…

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Pure Cfnm Milf Way Clip

Mature ladies from Pure Cfnm Jan and Wendy are having coffee when Wendy’s son Nicks joins them. Jan is impressed at what a handsome guy he turned out into after not seeing him for many years. Wendy leaves and two of them stay alone, as Jan ‘accidentally’ spills her drink on his pants. She tells Nick to take them off so she could clean them and removes his trousers and underwear off herself. Jan gets even more excited by the size of his cock and starts fondling it - just as his girlfriend Emma walks into the kitchen.

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Jan Gets Her Way

Emma is furious and both women start arguing over his dick. Then they decide to take turns stroking Nick to find out who is better. As they begin working the dick, Nick can’t hold it anymore and explodes his load right into Jan’s hands - much to the fury of his girlfriend. His mom walks in and is shocked to see what these trio got up to while she was away. She forces Nick out of the kitchen…

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Pure Cfnm Review

There is even more previews from Pure Cfnm along with its description featured at The Best Cfnm site. It offers reviews of popular Clothed Females / Naked Males sites and provides previews in form of pictures, movies galleries and now streaming videos from them. Episodes shown are ‘Blindfolded and Shared’ and ‘Giving Up Smoking’…

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Pure Cfnm Photo Copying Cock

Furious female boss Renee is unsatisfied with performance of one of her salesmen, Phil. She calls him into Pure Cfnm office and starts talking to him. Soon she understands that he doesn’t have enough confidence in selling condoms, so she decides to help him out and give him a lesson in boosting it.

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Photocopying Cock

Her assistant Jools strips him naked while Renee asks him to recite selling points. Phil doesn’t do well and she calls salesgirl Lacey into the office so he could see an example of a top salesperson first hand. To further embarrass the guy girls photocopy his cock and threaten him that they post these pictures all over the office if he doesn’t improve in the next few weeks. They then drag him to Renee’s desk and milk his cock until he erupts everywhere…

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Pure Cfnm Phone Sex Clip

Jason’s girlfriend is out from the country on a studying trip, so when he gets horny he rings her up and they both have phone sex. Only this time his female housemates return home earlier than usual form their night out and hear him moan in the room. They open the door and catch him masturbating with a phone in his hand, they barely keep themselves from laughing their heads off, but immideately realise what goes on and decide to give him a helping hand or hands in this Pure Cfnm matter.

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Phone Sex

They grab his dick while he is still talking to his girlfriend and start jerking it off. Jason is trapped - he can’t send the girls off and he can’t interrupt his conversation as she would suspect something goes on. All five girls get a turn at stroking Jason’s cock while giggle like crazy, especially when his girlfriend having an orgasm at the other end. They finally get him to orgasm and retreat so he could finish his conversation…

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Pure Cfnm Dinner Party Movie

A friendly dinner ends up unexpectedly for two English couples when robbers burst into their house. At first, they strip everyone of their valuables then dignity by forcing the four to undress to their underwear at Pure Cfnm. Having some time before police arrives, female robbers decide two entertain a bit with husbands and wives are going to help them in it…

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Dinner Party

Both ladies are made to play with each other partner’s penis. Their lives are at stake. The condition is as following: the first man to cum gets to keep his wallet. So girls start to stroke their best friend’s husband like crazy. Justin explodes his load first and gets his wallet back, but he also gets to see his beloved wife works another man’s cock to ejaculation…

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Pure Cfnm

Pure Cfnm contains sexually exciting content that includes visual images of nude men being exposed and humiliated by fully clothed women. You must be at least 18 years of age or older to enter this website, and you must be voluntarily choosing to view and access these exclusive cfnm pictures and videos for personal use only. Be aware that some community standards prohibit the viewing of sexually explicit material…

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Pure Cfnm Job Interview Movie

Powerful woman boss Renee is organizing Pure Cfnm interview for new employee Michael whom her assistant Crystal highly recommends. Renee is not satisfied with the candidate especially when he hesitates to answer her question regarding whether he is ready to do everything she will tell him. So she decides to test him and asks him to remove his clothes right there in front of her and assistant Crystal.

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Job Interview

Michael reluctantly starts to undo his shirt and unzip his pants. And as he does it Renee and Crystal sets themself for a better view of his dick. They then start to examine and touch it. When Jools walks into the office to deliver reports, boss Renee asks her to stay and participate in new candidate’s cock evaluation. All three of them start to fondle and jerk off his dick. Renee is so far pleased with Michael’s performance and gives him a final order - to cum for them…

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Pure Cfnm Cock Ring Accident

Loz after seeing episode at Pure Cfnm confides her boyfriend to wear a cock ring. The only thing is she mismatches the size of a cock ring with Fredie’s huge tool which makes the ring stuck on it. Fredie can’t takes the ring off and starts to panic. The ring clots blood in his cock and it gets swollen. Loz calls out her sisters for help, who after examining her boyfriend suggest nothing else but to ring an Ambulance. This embarrass Freddie even more but the pain makes him agree on anything just to get the ring off.

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Cock Ring Accident

Female paramedic arrives, followed by female fire fighter, a policewoman and traffic warden, who turns out to be a sexy babe too. All come to a conclusion that a professional help is needed here and female doctor with a nurse are called out to the scene of the accident. The doctor immediately tells a solution which is getting Freddie to ejaculation… All nine females stay to see the outcome of rocedure.

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