Pure Cfnm Cock Ring Accident

Loz after seeing episode at Pure Cfnm confides her boyfriend to wear a cock ring. The only thing is she mismatches the size of a cock ring with Fredie’s huge tool which makes the ring stuck on it. Fredie can’t takes the ring off and starts to panic. The ring clots blood in his cock and it gets swollen. Loz calls out her sisters for help, who after examining her boyfriend suggest nothing else but to ring an Ambulance. This embarrass Freddie even more but the pain makes him agree on anything just to get the ring off.

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Cock Ring Accident

Female paramedic arrives, followed by female fire fighter, a policewoman and traffic warden, who turns out to be a sexy babe too. All come to a conclusion that a professional help is needed here and female doctor with a nurse are called out to the scene of the accident. The doctor immediately tells a solution which is getting Freddie to ejaculation… All nine females stay to see the outcome of rocedure.

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Pure Cfnm Cave Women Clip

Back in 10,000 BC when there was no Pure Cfnm females had to hunt for food to survive. They spot a figure in the bush, close at him and attacks him from behind. As they inspect an unconscious catch who looks almost like them with an exception of a “snake” between the legs. They check each other and don’t see such a snake, so they wonder what might that be for.

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Cave Women

As they touch it with their fingers it twitches which makes them even more curious. One of them takes it in her hand and caveman starts to move, fucking her hand. She understands what it needs and starts to stroking the “snake” which gets harder and bigger. Cave women have turns at playing with “magic bone” until it explodes with white slippery liquid they have not seen before…

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Pure Cfnm Caught With Fleshlight Video

Simon’s new toy a Fleshlight with “pretend vagina” insert finally arrives, which gets him extremely excited as now he finally will be able to get close to real pussy experience. He undresses and prepares himself for a good time. But just as he slides Fleshlight onto his cock his flatmate Yasmin breaks into his room with three of her Pure Cfnm friends.

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Caught With Fleshlight

Girls are shocked at what they see, a nude guy trying to fuck a plastic tool with some rubber in it, and burst into laughts. They take turns in sucking his cock with a Fleshlight while laughing their heads off and then decide to give him a more realistic experience with their hands so he could compare the feelings. Yasmin starts to jerk his cock as her friends cheer her up. It doesn’t take Simon’s long to blow his load onto girls hands when they least expect it…

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Pure Cfnm Helping Divorcee Movie

Amber divorced about six months ago and has not been with a man since then. As a result her confidence towards men is low and as she speaks about it over the coffee, her friends Lydia and Crystal suggest her go to Dancing Bear Party or invite a male stripper over to their place so she could have some male attention.

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Helping Divorcee

However, Amber is too shy for that, so the only option left is Crystal’s boyfriend she knows from Pure Cfnm. Amber is not sure about the whole thing, but when Kelvin arrives and starts to strip off, she immediately gets interest. Moments later all three girls are gropping Kelvin’s dick and balls. Amber enjoys it so much that she makes him cum right into Lydia and Crystal’s hands…

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Pure Cfnm Pics Outdoors

Matt is taking walk in a public park along with his girlfriend Cyprus who comes out with a crazy idea that he finds disturbing at first but then agrees to submit to his beloved girlfriend’s kinky desired in this Pure Cfnm series. Cyprus suggests to put a blindfold on Matt’s head and take his clothes off so she could play with him while risking to be caught by passer-biers. And they surely do - only the people passing by turn out to be her two female friends who have been watching the show from the distance all that time and now are invited to join in…

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Pure Cfnm Humiliation On Video

Jessy’ brother is crazy about her hot female friend Cyprus who is visiting her with Liz. They are discussing him when he walks in. Jessy is embarrassed with his behavior and sends him into the kitchen for a talk. She tells him to do anything Cyprus asks him to from now on or she will tell their mom about his extensive Pure Cfnm collection. Unsuspecting brother joins the girls again when Cyprus asks him to let her spank his ass and he agrees! The girls find it extremely funny and starts to laugh. They then make him strip naked for them. Cyprus gets into the mood as he bends nude guy across her knee and starts slapping his ass till it gets red. Liz has her turn too as he gets humiliated in front of his sister.

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Brother Humiliated

The girls then start to inspect his cock and balls, admiring the size of his penis. They then both stroke him off and lift their tops as an encouragement. He is getting bigger and bigger as Jessy getting even more embarrassed until her brother ejaculates over himself…

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Pure Cfnm Movie Clips

You will not trust any hypnotist after watching the following Pure Cfnm movie clips in which skillful male hypnotist takes advantage over three gorgeous girls who come to visit anti-smoking session but end up giving group handjob to a total stranger. The hypnotist starts by putting all the girls into the trance. Then while they fell asleep he takes his clothes off and approaches them one by one. He convinces his patients that he has the greatest cock in the world and that each time they will feel the need to smoke they should better give a handjob to a man nearby. At the time that man is he…

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Pure Cfnm Sex Lesson Clip

Jools received a blowjob lesson from experienced Pure Cfnm model Renee. And now all her boyfriend demands is a blowjob, which doesn’t satisfy Jools though and she applies for advanced sex course off Renee. Renee invites her boyfriend Peter for the class to show Jools how to properly work cock. Jools pays close attention to what goes on when suddenly her flatmate Lacey walks in. Lacey is embarrassed at the scene but her curiosity makes her stay.

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Sex Lesson

Two girls are now watching couple having sex, Renee rides dick then takes it doggy style. After that she tells Jools to get on all four so she could get an experience first hand and fuck her boyfriend Peter the way she has just shown it to her. Jools isn’t prepared for such a turn, but a temptation of being fucked with a huge dick takes over her and she is soon penetrated by Peter. In the end Lacey gets part of education too and strokes hard cock which explodes on Jools stomach…

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Pure Cfnm Handjob Movies

Andy gets spied on while wanking his cock in the bathroom alone by his older roommate Laura and her friend Jamie who comes to visit her in this Pure Cfnm movies. The two watch him through the bathroom window for awhile and then jump at him from behind. Andy is shocked to see Laura and another woman whom he doesn’t even know appear in front of him out of nowhere and start to ogle his naked body. They then make him stand up so they could get a better view on his jewels and it is not long before the two start to give him a handjob…

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Pure Cfnm For Audience Movie

Beautiful couple Theo and Justin breaks up after cheating on each other. Weeks later after getting an urge of having sex and not having a girl to call to Justin realizes he needs to get his beloved one back and is willing to do whatever it takes. Theo sets a Pure Cfnm test for him which would allow her to expose him in front of her horny girlfriends he hasn’t met before and jerk him off for them till he cums.

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Stroked For An Audience

Justin has no other option, besides he hasn’t had sex for weeks now, so he reluctantly agrees. Six girls sits themselves on the couch and prepare for the show. Theo starts to undress her boyfriends to the cheers of the female crowd. Not used to such huge attention he can’t concentrate enough to get an erection, which makes girls burst into laughs. But soon warm hands of his girlfriend do their job and get him hard. In the next few minutes Theo strokes him to an explosive orgasm under encouragement of her friends…

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